Day 1 on Word Press


So I wanted a place that I could share my thoughts and opinions with you. My blog has become the home of the reviews that I do. Some of you were interested in my more personal life and even though I will not share everything that I do here I will s hare some.

Today my hubby took me to Frank and Bernies near me and we were more than disappointed. The two of us came home with sore stomachs. Both agreeing that the wintry weather wasn’t worth venturing out in to have that meal together. Even if I did get to wear my new sweater necklace.

A pixie on a crystal ball. Yes I can hear the jokes about that all ready. I’m about to hit the 30 page mark of Marie’s World: Aftermath today. Its my main focus as we have a current WWE star on the page. I spent some time today talking to a producer that I know quite well and think the world of Jared Safier.

That has been my day. I’m reading a very strange vampire carol story that I can’t say I’m sure of. But more of that on the book review and I will post the link to that when its been reviewed.

I’m about to take to the bath to read the book I’m just waiting to be invited to a new wrestling website where my storylines will appear and I can laugh at my ideas on there.

I got to spend some time today talking to my close and dear friend Debbie. She has to think I’m crazy and will share some birthday pressies that the two will be exchanging. I can’t wait to do that with her.

Now that I’m sure that I bored you witness I better run that bath for I never know what time I’m going to get to bed tonight. I hope early enough for me to  handle the early wake up call. Amanda I’m sure will be leaving me some offline messages about her progress with “The War: Dragon” that is in the works.

Have a great night and its nice to be here on Word Press.

Kristal McKerrington


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