Day 4. Dentist or Not.(Day Late)

Hello Readers,

So yesterday got completely out of control with the editing, shopping for food and our catch up on “Good Wife” that I got lost that I didn’t have a chance to get on here to update you on my life. Not that much happened yesterday.

Hubby got mucked about with a box that was suppose to be picked up and Yodel (the worst company for us) didn’t even try twice to pick the damn box up. It was right there at the front down with a note saying on it that “For Return By Yodel”. Ah!

I managed to do some gaming and I find myself often playing World of Warships which is a great game. I didn’t do so well in a few of the bouts. I sometimes get to enthusiastic in battle. I need to watch that and work on it. I will be returning to Minecraft soon so that I can catch up on the Podcasts to do with wrestling so I can finish writing Harold’s book. We have several of the “Susan Series” that is attached to Marie’s World.

I read more of Angel yesterday which is a new book that I have on the Ebook. I have 10 Paranormal books to read before March so we will see if I can tackle that Goodreads Challenge. I have to read 40 by next year so we will see. My cousin thinks I’m insane to try this but he’s not known me when I’m so determined.

Here is the link to the latest review that I have received from the hard work that I did on “Finding God In Hope”. Its nice to share this achievement with Amanda and Kathi for those two are the two editors who made it possible. Melissa I have to thank her for going that next step and launching the Faith brand of her company with my book as apart of it. She seems to be doing well with it.

I hit 70 pages of 509 of editing of Marie’s World: The Aftermath. I hope to do some more this morning and break the 100 page marker and be more relaxed to go to the dentist to get my braces fixed. I am 26 years old and I’m wearing braces like a teenager. I never thought that I would be doing this at my age. Then I never thought my health would let me see this grand old age.

I’m still working with the other bridesmaids on my best friends wedding stuff and that seems cool. Debbie means the world to me and I can’t imagine my life without her. Sometimes you love your besties to much. That is the case for me. I will always be there for her even if she is turning grey trying to do her planning. She is marrying a great man so I can’t complain to much.

Well after that mush session I better get back to Marie who’s all ready kicking ass in this book. I think she has her sights set on Layla. I will feed a friend of mine’s screams for not another “Marie’s World” book now. Poor Neil.

Oh and the podcast that I did recently as I know that you all want to know me better:

Check back with you all later for more updates from the spitefire author.

Kristal McKerrington



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