Day 4. Part 2.

Hello Readers,

So I was suppose to be at the Dentist today and it turned out that he had screwed the days up so I went to town for nothing. I had the worst sickness like bug all day and I can’t explain why.

I caught up on my reading into town and I hope to finish Fiona Harper’s Christmas book soon. I will post the review link here. I know that everyone is watching to see who’s names appear in my every day report.

I had a wonderful response from the fabulous Rachel Caine today and she is a dream author with a sweet personality. I was honored to talk to her and even if it were just a few tweets. Honored doesn’t cover it.

I had some sadness spread into my life today as Alan Rickman passed away after a battle of cancer. There was so many movies that he was in that I was just so sucked into. I guess that is the upside to having the endless amount of talent that he did.

Shawn Cain will be gearing up to film his latest film soon and I can’t wait to watch it live. I saw him post a while back that he was going to be streaming it or something like that. I hope that is true because I wish I was there to see everyone hard at work.

There isn’t much more news on my front as I broke the 100 pages marker for Marie’s World: The Aftermath. Its crazy that I’m at 110 pages and I don’t remember it being this action packed. I really stepped up my game this time around. I think you will all be surprised.

I continued on to have a wonderful chat with Kathi about Twitter. Something I use for more personal communications rather than for business but she showed me some tricks I am going to try to use. Along with some from Brian Freinhan who is a marketing genius and I just can’t afford him.

I dealt with an author problem that I’m sure many authors end up in. My giveaway man who makes jewelry for me failed to deliver so I’m waiting on a new batch so I can close the “Finding God In Hope” contest that is on the fan page on the Facebook page. I think that everyone will love that.

Marie’s World made it to 56, 595’s ranking on Amazon today which is properly the best that its been at. I hope to keep it there during my month of promotions of the book. I will be starting on “Waking Up His Wife” next encase your watching to see which book is doing best.

I will head off now as I promised myself that I was going to watch the end of this military action themed film before I grab some much needed sleep for Edinburgh tomorrow.

Kristal McKerrington




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