Day 5. Cold

Hello Readers, 

I find myself laid up in bed after a day in Edinbrugh visiting the Sleep Clinic to get my machine checked on. I wasn’t gone long before I start to start sneezing and find myself unable to do anything other than reading Fiona Harper. I went for lunch with Ian. 

Frankie and Bennie’s take 2. Only this time it seems to go better than before. Except that I seem to be getting more of this cold than I wanted. I finally get home and have been stuck in bed unable to concentrate at all that well. So I stuck on a documentary and allowed my brain to take in the stuff from the show. For you never know when that is going to be helpful. 

Its how I do my best research. I’m still laying with “Phil” my hot water bottle in my furry blanket lays and couldn’t stop myself from posting. I want to make sure that even when I’m not well I make a point in posting on here. Its just allowing you to be closer to me and for me to be close to you. 

I am heading off now after having a smile put on my face by Sandra who is one of the wonderful publishers I know. She isn’t to far away like some of the US publishers and authors that I know. Its nice to have that country connection sometimes. 

Thank you again for being here and I hope that you will follow along with this personal journey. Sometimes being an author isn’t glamours and sometimes its pretty damn amazing. 

Kristal McKerrington 


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