Day 7. Frustrations

Hello Readers,

Today I completed Season 3 of the Good Wife with my hubby. The show was great and you can see my thoughts on it below:


See I’m getting the hang of this word press thingy! I managed to do a post for The Wrestling Show website. I will see how the wrestling readers react. I guess you could say that I might be joining the dirt sheets. I don’t mind to much its not like I’m up for a job at WWE.

Hubby has been trying to send a parcel back for weeks now and the driver never turns up. Its ridiculous and he seems to be getting just as frustrated as I am. We have to give up our day to see if the driver turns up! I mean come on! They don’t even let us know by phone or text if they are coming till after a certain time.

Okay that is my rant over with. Seems I got back on my editing horse and I’m starting to get close to the halfway mark. Honestly when your getting closer to the middle of the 513 page book you are just relieved.

Amanda is working hard on The War: Dragon where we are having a contest on the page to give out some more Phoenix kids necklaces so make sure that you click on the words “The War: Dragon” as that is where its going on.

We have a contest that is wrapping up soon on my fan page on Facebook. I think that you will love it. So please check out Kristal McKerrington’s Facebook and you want to look at the pinned post. That is where the contest is happening on there.

Facebook has blocked me from talking to pages for some reason I don’t know why so please message me your email addresses so I can speak to you. If you want to talk to me in the near future. I don’t know how to get it unblocked so please message me with ideas.

There isn’t much news going on with me. The next three days I will be slammed for time and I know that its going to take awhile for me to recover. Its part of my life. I will though write on you even if I don’t have a chance to do anything else.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this. I can see some of you coming and going so it makes me smile. Its nice to share my day with you.

Kristal McKerrington


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