Day 7. Games


Today I got back into the swing of editing and caught up on those missing pages that I had been unable to edit due to my cold. I think that the book is going to be better than I thought. Sometimes I worry about the work that I do for its hard sometimes in this industry but when I read the reviews of happy readers then I’m reminded why I do this.

I’m getting ready to go off and watch Army Wives Season 6 Part 1 for some reason there is 2 parts. I have found it the perfect show to watch when I’m writing one of my army themed romance stories. Its got a bit of heart break to it for I think that might be my brand outside of the Susan Family series and Carla.

I played Dragon’s and Dungeons not Dungeons and Dragons. It was a lot of fun, hubby and me only did Introduction part 1 and 2 so we will see how it goes from there. I have enjoyed listening to him reading the story between each piece. I managed to survive both pieces so far. I hope that its something we will be able to do together. As part of the time I deem important for “couple” time. Very important that you do that.

I sorted through Goodreads and got a surprise that Marie’s World book 1 was selected to be part of a read along contest. So if its voted number 1 book then its going to be read as part of the book club sort of effect. I have to say that I’m praying hard that its selected.

Today otherwise has been quiet. I got a good sleep last night and I needed after a series of bad dreams that I have been having. I get them from time to time. I think that beat the cold I had in record time for me. Next week is going to be busy.

Sundays are always designed to be quiet days I think. I did share one picture to my Facebook friends that I wanted to share on here. I want your thoughts. Do you think Movie star when you look at this picture? I’m not to sure what I think. Its just below. I hope to post pictures that are more up to date when I have time and I don’t look like I was dragged backwards through a bush. 2013-01-17 14.59.31.jpg

I think that this is a great place to leave you. I hope that your starting to learn about me the writer and are enjoying what your finding out. Hubby and me might finish “Good Wife” season 3 tomorrow if I don’t get to stuck on edits.

I enjoy these moments with you and I want to thank you for stopping by one last time. Okay am heading off now. Have a great cup of coffee, good night sleep or just fun whatever your doing.



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