Day 8. Jaw Procedure

Hello Readers,

For me today I had a visit with the people that take care of my damage jaw. I thought I had fixed it back in 2014 until a car accident changed that outcome. I have one side of my jaw done back in September of 2015. Today I found out that they are doing my other side. It happens and it makes me shrug for am use to this.

Managed to pin Debbie down for a time and place for a meet up. I can’t wait to do that post after we have sipped wine and gossiped about things. I hear that there might be shoe shopping in my future. She knows that is my kind of shopping other than book shopping.

I did quite a bit of editing and reading today. I managed to hit 191 of Maries World: The Aftermath. I was impressed with my tight schedule. I also managed to read a lot of Blood Fueds which I’m going to have to get book 1 and 2.

We are closing my contest on my Kristal’s Facebook Page and I’m excited to see how much these readers love the prizes. I have soon to start one on Susan’s Family Series and of course to finish the one on The War: Dragon for those who haven’t entered.

That is all that is new with me. My life hasn’t been to exciting maybe there is going to be some more exciting news in the next day or so. Who knows with my life.

Kristal McKerrington


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