Day 9. Editing and Warships

Hello Readers,

So I got of reading done as traffic was awful. I have enjoyed slowing down my writing to read more. I am glad I took my agents advice on that. I have been editing Marie’s World: The Day After, not Marie’s World: The Aftermath for some reason I got that missed up so I’m sorry for that.

I just hit the 200 page mark of 513 pages. I will get there and I’m enjoying reading what I did with Marie and sometimes I take a step back and say to myself “did I really write that”? I don’t know if I expected horrible writing or if my confidence has been knocked or what.

That PR firm in New York really made me feel better about myself along with Kathi who seems to keep me going as I make my way through this big book. There is a reason that I love Solstice Publishing. I will do anything that I can for them. Sometimes its nice when someone that has been doing this longer than you nods at you and says “good job”.

I have “The Choice” in the works which Amanda has spent a lot of time on. I know that its going to be a great new book to add to the list of the ones that are out. I have to say that I can’t wait to see what happens when I send it to the agents for them to sell it.

I really have fallen in love with “World of Warships” and its something that I share with my hubby who use to play it alot. He never plays a game for long for he tends to get bored or it sometimes he just falls out of love with it.

Well that is all the news that I have for you. I will be tackling “Ultimate Death Match 3” soon with a keen eye to see how the third film does after a great second one. I am going to get caught up on the book haul videos that I watch. I keep wondering what the other authors feel when they see their books in these book haul videos.

Tomorrow makes it 5 days to my birthday and I’m going to be spending the day in the hair dressers just to shake off the stress I have been feeling. I wonder what wonders my hairdresser will do with my hair.

Anyway I will check in tomorrow. Here is to me hoping to have high tea with a new publisher in the UK some day really soon.

Kristal McKerrington


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