Days 10,11 and 12. Non Stop

Hello Everyone,

I have returned after the most frantic three days. At least that is what my blog tells me. I have done 2 reviews during my time away. One for the book that I was reading Blood Fued and The Good Wife season 4. That is all I have been able to do outside editing and chasing my tail.

My hubby has me running around like a mad thing. Its that time of year where we tend to clean everything to get rid of the bad stuff from last year so that good things can take its place.

I got about halfway through Marie’s World book 2. He ordered me new headphones so that I can watch DVD’s on my own computer. I also have got 2 new books coming. He spoils me. I have the contest stuff for Marie’s World 2 release. Your all going to love it. I will be holding the contests on two of the pages that we use for this series.

I can’t wait to show you what we have in store. I posted a picture below of the box that is holding the prizes for the Marie’s World 2 release.

Outside of the box

I have enjoyed doing articles for a blog called “The Wrestling Show”. You could almost say that I’m a dirt sheets writer only I don’t report on wrestlers. I add my thoughts and opinions to things that are happening. I have started to do storylines for them and its great fun. Being a female version of Vince Russo. Make sure that you do stop by “Vince Russo’s Relm Network” He is still working with wrestlers I hear and even though I didn’t get to make the move with him from his old site I still promote him.

I’m enjoying the playlist for Marie’s World 2 I think there is something for everyone on there. At least I think so. Music has always inspired my writing and I can’t wait to share more about the 5 book series that I worked on over Christmas. They have taken so long to come to fruition.

Well I’m going to head off now as I have some TV to catch up on and some hand writing to do. I even write letters to those authors that I’m close with along with people that know me or are getting to know me. Something that I’m enjoying a lot and I might be able to set something up if any of you want to write letters to me.

I thank you for stopping by to hear me muse over my days and thoughts to do with my career, personal life. In 3 days I turn 27 and that will be a life changing day for me. It will be 20 years since I decided that I was going to get rid of my tube and be as normal as possible. At that time I was tube fed due to my bad health. At 14 years I had it removed. Its will be 13 years since I managed to win that battle. It will be 25 years that I have battled arthritis and its been only the last 8 years that I started to become proud of who I am. Not being ashamed of it.

Thanks to my hubby.

There is something that you properly didn’t know about me. Good evening or day to you.

Kristal McKerrington



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