Day 13. Writing is my addiction

Hello Readers,

There is something that I think that most authors don’t face when they are in the early stages of their career. Its not until they are much further into their careers that they learn the lesson that has been plaguing me the last three years.

I’m addicted to writing…

I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise to some of you as you think to yourself. Well your an author if you weren’t addicted to books and writing then you wouldn’t do your job very well. I don’t think people see the curse of that.

The late nights when you can think of nothing other than reading books that are similar to the idea that you have in  your head or to make sure that your keeping up with the progress of the writing industry. To make sure that you know what it takes to make books sell in that genre.

When your not doing that then your writing at personal events on napkins or on secret notepads that you have snuck in with you as you tell your partners that you wouldn’t write. People around you think its strange that you want to write notes and make faces like your having conversations in your head. That your being rude for doing these things but you know that if you don’t then you will have to deal with the fear of losing that idea.

Sitting up in bed waking your partner by accident so that you can make the latest notes on the book that fills your heart with such need.

Then there is some authors that don’t feel that and who are scared that they aren’t the best authors because they don’t have a desire to write. They do it for a number of other reasons. They don’t find themselves thinking of it every day or every second that they can.

I’m not sure where I rank on the list of addicted authors and writers. All I know is there is always a notebook in my bag, there is also a book or two. I’m always thinking of the books that I’m working on and half the time I’m talking to people on blogs, podcasts or in whatever format that I can’t remember what book that I’m meant to be promoting and knowing that I can’t talk about current projects.

I’m often described by those who know me as a run away train but I don’t see myself like that. For I know that one day this passion is going to burn out and I’m going to have to ride this ride for as long as possible.

It something that I think a lot about especially when people ask me to write for them and I wonder if they know that I can only write what goes through my head. Its hard for me to focus on one project at a time. That my desk is littered with sticky notes, pads where I’m making notes.

This is just me. The author that I’m sure that you have read my work. I guess that you don’t know the doubt that goes into this job. Its like never knowing what its coming around the corner. Sometimes I fear opening my emails encase there is some bad news waiting in there. I have learned that no matter what I am who I am.

Even if there comes a day when no one will publish my work I know that I can always blog and talk to you. I can always self publish even if that is a bad term between some authors out there.

For me there is three people that I’m most grateful for. Debbie O. For constantly reading, talking over story ideas and no matter what happens always stands by me. Amanda Struz for continuing to edit my work, make covers and listen to my nerves over every piece that I finish. Talking me off the ledge sometimes. Finally there is you that person on the other side of the screen who continues to visit this sight and read my musings.

Without you I’m just talking to empty space. Thank you.

I’m heading off now to work on a book that is purely about Vampires and Witches. Nothing to complicated. I’m sure that your going to love these brothers and this twisting story.

Thank you again for stopping by.

Kristal McKerrington



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