26th Jan- Birthday Date

Hello Readers,

I was in two minds about doing this for its been a day that I don’t like. Not because of my age or the festival that I had to share my birthday with growing up. Where I grew up there was a Viking holiday every year on the day of my birthday because my date almost seems to always fall on the last Tuesday of every month. So there wasn’t birthday parties expect 2 that I had in my life.

Not only that I’m reminded how long my fight against the Arthritis has been. I have to remember every time I get a day older that I’m without those who I fought so hard as a child along side. I live for them and experience what they dreamed of.

My birthday is always for them and not for myself. This is the most personal post that I have done because I am revealing the person behind the words. I never thought that I should or would do this. I want you to know that I’m a real person and not just someone that pours out book after book.

I’m someone who has always stood up for disabled people. I have had a hard fight to get where I am. I was told I was to skinny for modelling and that I was just to thin for the US. Then this law comes into France and I realize that I have been inside the lines of those rules my entire life. But no agency will hire me because of my condition.

I found the same problem with acting.

Books has been my only outlet now for the past 7 years, eight in April. I retired from dance and a scene that I would have given my life to keep going. Only there wasn’t anything I could do. After my jaw breaking I knew that the days of me doing horse riding at the level I wanted to reach went out of the window.

Still I fight to say “We can do this!” That is what my birthday today is about. Reminding those people who are struggling out there that your not alone. We can do this. We can do whatever we want.

There is no glass ceilings for us. No matter if you have a life condition or not, believe in yourself because the chances of the world believing in you is slim. You have to grab them by the scruff of the neck and say “HEY I’M WORTH BELIEVING IN!”

So today if you can go out and do that then I know that I have had the best day of my 27 years of life. Write down below what your challenges you tackled were and what you did for yourself today.

Thank you for reading my posts.

Kristal McKerrington


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