Vikings…Top Facebook Feed.

Hello Readers,

Lets dig into my latest topic while I take a break during my editing session of Marie’s World book 2. I have to say that I was on Facebook during today and what I saw kind of made me smile. I saw that “Viking Festival” known as Up Hellya Aa beat One Direction on my news feed on Facebook. I was proud of the place that I came from for having 1,000 Vikings celebrating a tradition that dates further back then when the news agencies reported. They don’t always get the facts right but that is okay.

I’m proud that there is Viking blood running through my veins. Sometimes I think that the reason I’m here is because of the spirit I feel sure got passed on inside me. Its the reason I don’t back down from challenges that are placed in my path.

For instant the book that I’m about to release has a song in it. I wrote the song that Marie sings in the book. I was inspired to write a song for myself after a small chat with Ivan. He’s a former Producer for one of our biggest supporters of the Marie’s World series. Mohombi who’s music is often promoted in both books.

I use to write songs when I was younger and I know that I have said that in many an interview for its true. I miss singing and I miss the songs I use to create that was like female punk I guess you could call it. My songs weren’t the pop girl band stuff that those who attended my school tended to preform. I use to scare them with my lyrics which I thought were edgy and I think they might have stank.

I have had a secret dream to produce one of my songs. In fact more recently I wanted to record Marie’s song with Ivan. He’s been so nice to me that it made me want to trust him with a song that I considered my baby. For its the book that makes my book stand out.

Maybe one day that will happen who knows. Two countries of warriors might finally come together to make a big splash. Who knows. Well that was another very personal blog from me and I can’t wait to hear what you all think. I’m so honored that there is some people all ready reading and making it apart of their daily routine.

I couldn’t ask for more.

Kristal xxx


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