Experiment…Wish lists!

Hello Readers,

After yesterdays discussion on letters and those of you who have reached out and asked for the address to write to me. I have sent it along if you haven’t gotten the address and you want it then please message me through FACEBOOK . I want to get onto something that I was find far more interesting as of late and think that I will be diving head long into.

So recently it came to my attention that some people think that wishlists aren’t right for either wrestlers, authors or reviewers. Here is where I’m going to tell you my honest thoughts and I want you to tell me yours in the comments section. Most importantly you will find near the end of this chat my own wishlist because I don’t know how this works and I want to see how it does so if any of you can explain it or something along those lines then I would be grateful.

A reviewer told me recently she took down her wishlist as it made people uncomfortable. I couldn’t understand why. She doesn’t go on her videos and say, “buy me books from my wish list” she doesn’t demand it. I don’t think its breaking the law which was a suggestion that someone else made to me during the course of this blogs research.

For authors who are famous and have thousands of followers them getting books or gifts from their readers is allowing them to know what the trends are.  Most of the time they don’t get to see above their screens or outside their houses because they are working like manics to make sure that you get the latest content.

People are actually helping them save time by doing these nice gestures to them.

In regards to reviewers I have to say that I can understand why its helpful to them. Most of them have full time jobs, yet expected to produce a large amount of content per week or day for the viewers of the tubes pleasure. Sometimes that takes more money then they have. They get endorsements but that doesn’t help them cover the cost and help authors out there reach the people that want to read these books. They need this help in order to get the message out there about the authors who need that help.

Being an Indie author I know how much we need that help. I don’t see how this is a bad thing. Maybe I’m not being open minded about what I’m seeing but that is how I feel.

Before I leave this blog I want to share a snippet from my present opening time with my best friend Debbie. Who did get me a Waterstone’s gift card which i will be using to buy more books. Yes dear hubby will just have to find another place to put my endless growing library.

2016-01-29 16.24.15

Debbie got spoiled with signed pictures and a ring that I saved for. She loves them and she can’t believe that I spoiled her.

I’m signing off now. I will leave you with my wishlist link and I know its boring but hey. I’m doing something different. I want to open the discussion up and help some reviewers as well as authors at the same time. MY WISHLIST

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to reading your thoughts in my comment section soon.

Kristal McKerrington


4 thoughts on “Experiment…Wish lists!

  1. Wishlists serve a purpose for the owner as well, I regularly check mine for price reductions, freebies etc. I use others wishlists to gift them something they want, it’s inexpensive and I can give them to anyone not just friends I have physical addresses for. I see no problem with wishlist for anyone. Most authors I know have them and I’ve gifted them items from their wishlists, birthdays, bad days, anniversaries, release days, anything. I gift to my friends regularly and we use wishlists on some street teams for gift exchanges. Everyone should have a wishlist, there’s no reason to exclude someone because their an author, etc. I’m a blogger, I get ARC’s for reviews, does that mean I shouldn’t be able to add books I want to read but can’t afford to buy right now to a list? The answer is no. To me a wishlist is simply a way to keep track of the hundreds of books I want but do not buy immediately.

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  2. I totally agree I use my wishlist to keep track of deals and what books I want. My friends and book clubs use them to buy birthday or Christmas gifts. I’m a reader and do get lots of arc’s to read but I still buy books. Sometimes I even use other people’s wishlist for stuff like if I won an ebook and already own a copy I can see who wants one and foreward it to them. I have several friends on facebook who I do that with. It’s not a list that says you have to buy me this. I look at them as a way to make someone’s day better or get to know someone’s likes and dislikes. I think everyone should have one if the share awesome if they don’t that’s cool to and just because your an author or blogger doesn’t mean to don’t read or wish for stuff too.
    If you look you will see all kinds of books. I’m just waiting for some killer deals. A wish list is just that. A WISH. I also wish I would wake up tomorrow speak 12 languages be a billionaire doesn’t mean it has to happen just means I wish.
    Hope others will learn it’s okay to wish. Heck it’s okay to buy someone that .99 cent book for them. It’s okay to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s okay

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    1. I completely agree. I don’t know how this amazon thing works I just know that its nice we can talk about things that other people shy away from on here.

      I want to give a positive out look on things rather than a negative one. I hope that you find all of my blogs helpful for there is nothing scarier than to stare at a blank screen then try to write something.

      Thank you for commenting on this. It means a lot.


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