What would I do?

Hello Readers,

Have another soul searching style blog today. Yeah I seem to be one of those thought required bloggers. The sort that you read at your breakfast table with a cup of coffee in your hand and wonder about your own life.

I use to say for most of my life “What would Kayla do?” That was my best friend who died after fighting off 4 cancers only to die in her early twenties. Now I find myself asking myself a new question thanks to attending the wealthness program that is near me.

“What would I do or give the other person advice on how to handle this?” This is thoughts that are more than strong inside me after hearing confirming reports that a fellow dancer I use to work with and knew well died. He was killed by one of the stunts that he created.

For years Jay *Stage name* would calculate storylines that he had died to shock the people that were turning up to his performances. He has traveled the world doing Apache. He has done so much that its hard for me to believe that he’s gone. We were the last of the two who started in Scotland together. As I wait to see if my knee stops swelling I fondly remember him.

I have lost a lot of close people in my life in the past 7-8 years and it reminds me of how small amount of time we get. That is why I ask myself the question of this blog to stop myself from doing or saying things that aren’t going to help anyone. By helping me stay loyal to my beliefs and to do what I think is right. That’s been my most powerful thing lately.

Doing what I consider the right thing. Jay would go out of his way to create drama, mayhem everywhere he turned. That was the way he was and for a part of my life I was the same way. I grew up and Jay stayed in Neverland as we use to say.

He will be missed and one of the books from the Susan Family series will be dedicated to just the dance crew that we all belonged too.

The last honour I could give them.

Thank you for stopping by and maybe next time your in one of those hard decision moments you step back. Ask yourself what you would say to someone else who has to handle the decision or move that you need to make. Maybe that will help you at least once or twice. Who knows.



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