What’s wrong with listening?


So over the last few days I have been ill and I’m still not back to my old self however I’m fighting whatever this bug is that I got to get myself back to my old routine. I finished another book on my current reading list and posted that during the days from hell. I almost read the entire thing in the bath which is kind of unheard of for me.

Marie’s World 2 is finished and I’m starting on the book that Amanda sent to me for me to go through. I just realized that I hate the whole thing and am going to have to redo it to my liking. That might annoy her but its something that I have to do so that I feel right with the book. But I’m more than sure that your going to love “The Choice”.

Now onto the topic that I used to name this blog. “What’s wrong with listening?” Maybe you haven’t heard of the death of Axl Rotten and some of you might have read the post that I did for The Wrestling Show. I was shocked by his death and thought to myself are we starting to become a people that doesn’t listen.

The man said on many podcasts that he needed help and that he was struggling. I wonder if others closer to him had listened he might not be gone. Its a topic that was raised with me when Jay a dancer I use to work with died. He took his craft overseas and was doing okay with it. From what I heard he was making a living and he was having fun.

There was a man who came up with his own rumors of his death a lot. He always claimed it was for the show but part of me wonders if maybe the whole act was in fact designed for us to listen to him more. He was very alienated and isolated when it came to the end of his life from those he started his journey with. Most of his friends and girlfriends had passed on and there was just me left.

I want to say that I have learned the lesson and will listen more. Sometimes it hard. I know that there is s a lot of thought to this post and there is a lot of soul searching that i do within this blog. My life tends to take me that way. It makes me think about my life and what I need to be a better person. Its like its been bred into my genes or something.

I don’t expected this to be a favorite blog of those who are reading it but I do expect it to be one that I’m proud of. That makes me think about me. I often wonder if there is more I could do to help people. Those who are living with the same condition as myself. Those who have worse. I have had to steel myself to face that I have this condition when at times I want to deny I have it and say I’m just normal.

I have learned years ago that I can’t deny what is apart of me. I am learning to become a whole person.

Well Ian is calling to say we must go food shopping despite me feeling like hell warmed up. I will go because life has to go on and no matter what I feel I have to live each day to the fullest. I might get to meet someone awesome or feel better when I get out and about.

I will be starting Visions by Kimberly today so we will see how that goes. Thank you all for your support and for you reading this blog.


Kristal McKerrington xxx with love.



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