Does this change your mind?

Hello Readers,

So I have been away since my condition has been playing up. Its sometimes to not get down when your feeling like your sticking your foot in your mouth with everyone around you. Parts of you worry if your good enough for your friends and being a good friend yourself.

I sometimes sit and wonder would it change your mind if you knew that the person that you idealized had a life condition. Something they battled their entire lives?

For me that is the reality I face. I know that its cost me a lot all ready and when you spend as much time in the hospital as I do. I know that those of you who read my books, review and talk to me about me about them mean the world to me. No matter how depressed I feel there is something that you give me that fuels that fight inside me.

I know that there is a lot of stars who find themselves in a similar position that I’m in. Toni Braxton has Lupus which is just as hard on the body as my condition Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is a lot of young people living with both and we are finding our strength in places that we don’t normally look. I think that is what might change people’s opinions on stars like her.

Demi Lovato struggles with a eating disorder which isn’t an easy thing to live with. I know because I have friends in the past that struggled with the condition she has. I have times when I am scared that people think am to skinny and I try to cover up how thin I am. Its been hard on me to be confident in my body since the condition stripped me of the right to put weight on. Its why I feel strengthened that she is sharing her condition with her fans and she is battling. Standing out as a role model to those suffering with it. I am glad that I can cheer her on as I’m sure she does for people she knows struggling with this condition.

There is so many celebrities that are dealing with a condition like my own, the same one or is struggling. I always wondered if us having another secret battle would change your opinion on us or not. For its something that I know that people don’t really think about.

I have been started at when I’m in a restaurant with crutches and sticks when my hips and legs are bad. I have heard people whisper about me when they see my hands bandages and I’m struggling with my coffee in Costa or Starbucks. So I know how hard it is to have your condition on display and having people examine it. I hate it worse when they can’t see what is wrong with you. That I always find as the hardest part.

I do have to say a wonderful thing for those careers who support people like me. We all have someone in the background that goes out of their way to support us. To make sure that we get to our appointments. They go out of their way to emotionally support us. They find ways to make it easier on us. We do that too.

So here is some food for thought. Does it matter to you that your celebrity has a lifetime condition? Would it stop it from supporting them? Would it inspire them more? Should they be more open with their health problems?

Let me know what you think below and I thank you for all the love that you give me.

Kristal McKerrington



One thought on “Does this change your mind?

  1. No, health conditions do not change my opinion of a person, celebrity or neighbor. My middle child had hydrocephalus and now has to deal with a slight learning delay, he has to deal with kids who think it’s funny if someone needs a different class than them or extra help. My nephew is a junior in high school and has been bullied all his life, he has multiple physical disabilities due to my sister being exposed to lead paint early on in her pregnancy. She didn’t know that she was pregnant yet or that there was lead in the paint and now he is living with pain and heartbreak daily. I have family with RA so I know what it does to a person, what I don’t understand is how anyone could ever be unkind to someone who isn’t what they consider perfect or normal, in fact it pisses me off at just how closed minded these people are.
    As far as celebrities who are open with their conditions, they are inspirational, not just to me but I’m sure more so to others who suffer the same conditions.
    The sad fact is in our society people are mean. Some do it to cover up their own insecurities and some are just that depraved that they take satisfaction in others misfortune. Either way it’s wrong. Everyone want’s to rally and say you shouldn’t be discriminated against due to your race or religion, what about health conditions people? Where are the marches and rally’s for that?

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