Is there any hope for me to be able to live in LA or New York?

Hello Readers,

I find myself wishing today. Its not a thoughtful blog today rather me sharing with you a wish that I have. I will explain to you how my trip to LA changed my life. How it stopped me feeling pain and turned my life long condition off. I am pictured below being picked out for my knowledge on the Gilmore Girls. Yes I’m excited about them returning for some 90 minute episodes.

2015-09-04 14.42.26

I found myself feeling happy to wake up to the Sunshine and the warm weather that welcomed me every time that I stepped out of the hotel room we were renting. You can see my eating healthy and doing my core exercises was good for my abs. You can just make them out there.

For 24 years at that time I had lived in pain and not being able to remember what it felt like to not be in pain. But when I was in LA I didn’t feel pain or even really fear my condition which I can tell you is unheard of for me. I looked forward to every day and I couldn’t believe that I was able to see so many people who had bright personalities like my own.

I spent my childhood and teenage years not feeling like I fit in. I was like some strange outside that they expected to leave any day. It was hard on me. We weren’t even there a day I felt like I belonged. Everyone wanted to hear what I had to say and the readers who knew me there were excited to see me. I felt lucky. In fact I left a signed copy in a Barnes & Noble store of “Marie’s World”. Just encase you ever want a reminder of my trip there.

People seemed happy in LA.

For the first time in so long I was too…

Thank you LA.

Kristal xxx




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