Zombie Brain..Unraveling A Puzzle

Hello Readers,

So today while my brain seems to be mince and hasn’t been able to think about anything outside of making a cup of coffee I find my mind trying to unravel something. I hope that some of the authors on here might be able to help me. 2014-07-19 16.49.25

Why is that one of my books is doing okay in bookstores but I’m getting no online sales? Yet I’m doing all my promotion online?

Marie’s World was released nationwide in the UK last summer and then again in the winter in the United States. I was lucky enough to have a booktour that was disappointing when I realized that my publisher hadn’t provided any support for the tour. We had situations where the books were arriving 2 minutes before the signings started. I was very much like a salesman than an author.

Now that being said I met some awesome authors from the get go. One of the readers from Darlington crushed me with a huge hug and wouldn’t let go. One wanted a picture. Another was a granny who loved the cover because a couple was kissing on it.

Leeds was far more disappointing with me only managing to connect with one wrestling fan and of course this wonderful bloggers who bought my book. I found both very wonderful and nice. The manager hadn’t had a book signing there before and had no idea what to do. Not a faith restoring experience.

Glasgow was a lot of fun with the readers who approached to read the book and were happy to get a signed book. I did extra for selling in the store. I have to admit they were more welcoming. Only problem was they were expecting Joe and nor me lol. Yeah it was one of those awkward moments.

That being said the other tour stops were awesome. I had a great time and since then the book has been selling well in the store but there is no give in the online sales. I spend the entire time promoting the book online. Its been present to online bookclub yet we can’t get the same sales.

So this is the mystery that I’m trying to unravel with the second book coming out I’m hoping that we are going to get a better online response. I hope that you have enjoyed seeing what is rattling around inside my brain today and the picture of me on tour. My hair is so different now.

Thank you for being the faith readers of the blog.

Kristal McKerrington


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