Reading Slump

Hello Readers,

So the great thing about being an author who reads a lot there is times when I actually get to share the sort of problems that you have. Its not just a reading slump that I’m in and I’m going to go into it all to see if there any that your suffering from too.

  1. I am not getting into the books I’m reading!
  2. There is just not enough space on my book shelves for all my collected books.
  3. Why does reading the books that’s on the Goodreads book club reading list distract me from editing?
  4. Why can’t I finish a damn series?
  5. Why is there so many good series?
  6. Why does Amazon only let you wish for 2,500 books at one time?

Does any of these sound familiar?

These are the problems I have as a reader. I know that as a author these are not as important as they are to a reader. It wasn’t until I started to enjoy books that its made me more in tune with what the readers are dealing with. Not only do I want to help but I want them to know that I have them too.

I find that sometimes when I’m reading a book and there is a stupid thing a character does then I automatically want to ask the author. This is the reason I make sure that I answer all Facebook messages, tweets and of course those who give me questions on Goodreads not that I get a lot of those.

To me I think I will break out of my reader slump when I can read some short stories to cleanse my reading slate and start me wanting something different. With me caught up in editing right now that is another reason I’m struggling. I think that there is a lot of authors who find this problem too.

Stick with your bookclub reads or grab a short story those are my tips to get through the slump. Sometimes one author you don’t expect to pull you out of your reading slump will and you will be more than a little excited to be reading books again.

Who wouldn’t be with the Harry Potter book coming really soon?

Thank you for stopping by to read my thoughts and I hope that you come back again to see what other tips, advice or thoughts I have had.

Kristal McKerrington



2 thoughts on “Reading Slump

  1. Totally Understand the sentiment! My solution, for a reading slump? I pick up one of my favorite authors. Sometimes we get so into beta reading, and review and helping our fellow authors, we need to reset.

    GREAT BLOG. Saw your Post on Goodreads Romance Readers Rendezvous.


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