Twitter Headaches…

Hello Readers,

I’m up early to do some blogging and edits before I head to the dentist then for blood. At least hubby is making the day special by taking me to WH Smith. Yes that is the height of romance in my mind.

So I guess that I want to talk to you about Twitter. Its to safe to say that this is one website I suck at. Its not one that I ever found easy and that is even after listening to Shane Helms. He was the first person who taught me about BRANDING. The man is a walking brand. He is far more intelligent than anyone gives him credit for.

Even if he does need a better website.

So I’m marching to the end of the second round of edits of Marie’s World and I’m pretty sure that there isn’t to many people on here that gives to fly noses about the book other than those die hard readers who read book 1. Some even have studied it and remember details that long ago slipped my mind.

So what will I do on the launch in regards to Twitter. I will let the superstars who got copies of the first one when it came out know that the second one is out. Respond to those who reviewed the first one to tell them its out. But Twitter is just somewhere I want to have a conversation. I see that there is so many people blasting out author links and teasers but I want to sit with the links of Vince Russo and chat.

Someone by the way that still owes me a review of Marie’s World. I also keep hoping that there is others like David Hero that will tell me if I did well with the wrestling theme to the book. I know that I turned some romance readers back into wrestling fans or at least turned them onto Total Diva viewers. That is okay I guess but I hoped to do far more.

There is real issues in that book that I want to talk about on Twitter so I was thinking if we can get a chat going on Twitter then maybe we can get somewhere in spreading the word that there is far more needing done for both the DANCE and WRESTLING industries. Maybe a ally like romance is what they need. I don’t know so lets get some conversations going and lets hear what you think.

Help me fight the headaches of Twitter and help to get the conversations going once more.

My twitter: @K_mcKerrington

Kristal McKerrington


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