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Today we are so close to the release of Marie’s World: The Aftermath. All ready we have two wrestling newspapers online report on the man who is center of the cover. He’s also running for office in Michigan and he has made history I think. I think he is the first wrestler who has appeared on a wrestling romance novel. It could also be a first for sports contemporary romance also. Please let me know if am wrong in the comments section.

As we get nearer the book launch I want to show the cover of Marie’s World: Aftermath so that you can all drool like I did when I saw it. The woman on the cover is what I hope she will agree with me on as a friend. She has earned a spot on all the Marie’s covers and I have to say that the second book wouldn’t be coming out if it wasn’t for her.

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Katarina inspired me to finish the novel. I never thought it would have a publisher who would be as proud of it as Kathi is as my editor there. Amanda did me the honor of doing her best cover yet. I bet that you all can guess what city it is that is in the background of this great cover.

I didn’t stop there though. I have also included a teaser banner that Amanda made me and you can enjoy a snippet of my upcoming novel with Joe E Legend who is always proud of the direction of the books. He has worked hard to solve all if not most of the writing problems that I had with this one.

Before I display the cover I just want to say I’m sorry for the lack of posting. I had an implant removed from my arm and it wasn’t so easy. The thing left a hole in my arm which has created no end of problems. A cold took me out for a while there too. I am sorry that I haven’t been keeping you as up to date to do with my life but I promise that your not missing anything big. I hope that I will have some huge news to announce on here.

Now onto the reason that you came here.

Marie's World The Aftermath VIIII

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