Waking Up His Wife’s New Cover Release

Hello Readers,

I’m knee deep into things in my personal life that I wish I could share with you but I got some great news. My books were resigned at Solstice Publishing so that I am now with them for another 3 years and I couldn’t be more happy. I’m also releasing updated versions of the stories that are going to be updated!

So in the spirit of that I want to introduce you to the new covers that were done by the amazing Amanda Struz. There will also be a new blurb to this book. I’m sure that your going to love what I’m going to do with Kathi. There is nothing better than to wake up and see that your making strides forward. 2016-03-30 11.01.53

So if I were to introduce you to Waking Up His Wife in one sentence to you its easy put as.

“She wakes up married and now all hell is about to descend upon them. Something they have faced many times before only now there is more on the line.”

Please tell me about the new covers and let me know what you think of the sentence that we are using?


2016-03-30 11.01.48

Thank you so much for sharing this and for joining us for another book cover release. Your all amazing.

Kristal McKerrington


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