Winter Weather Nightmares…

Hello All,

I’m sorry for being away for so long but I was tangled up with a sickness that left me unable to do anything other than keep up with the edits of Marie’s World: The Aftermath which goes on pre-sale tomorrow or so I hear. I can’t wait for it to be finally out there and with all of you who wanted to know what was going to happen to Marie next.

I have been in hospital on and off and I managed to get some writing done. I am working on a special book with Kathi from Solstice. We are relaunching some of my older work to you with extra scenes and more to the story than the book had before. So I can’t wait to share more of that with you.

I hope to make more announcements soon about the projects that Solstice Publishing picked up from me. I have been busy so its going to be worth my silence for these long periods for I have so much to share with you.

I’m also helping my best friend get ready for her wedding and I have to say that I can’t wait to share this event with her. She deserves this more than anyone else. I have never been happier for her.

I’m still gaming and so far I had a friend who dragged me back to a game called League of Legends. I have enjoyed playing matches with him when I finish my work for the day. I’m still reading and reviewing, I’m finding myself behind in the reading list that I am to make my way through as I picked up a few books that were my choices and not on the bookclubs list.

Check out my blog site for all my reviews. Google my name and blogger site will bring up the link. I hope that this helps to keep you all in touch with me. Please leave your questions on my goodreads author page and I will answer you directly. I have gained enough support that this tool is now available for you.

I will leave you for now but thank you for all the support that you all continue to give me.

Kristal McKerrington xxxx




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